About Me

Becoming an artist hadn't become a possibility until a later point in life. As a child, there's always in interest in dipping hands in paint and coloring the walls. However, there comes a time when that simple interest becomes an ideal. Developing skills and techniques fuels the fire in making the dream a reality. 

After receiving a BFA in Illustration from NJCU in May of 2015, there was panic. What do I do now? How do I start my career? One becomes so settled in the structure of school life, it's hard to handle your own creative mind. It comes down to what becomes the theme of your work. Looking back at past projects, there was a focus on nature and the intricacy of its details. In terms of my pen and ink work, I tend to focus on the brutality of nature, yet encompass the beauty and power of its creatures. It is why I've incorporated it into my portraits. Not only am I obsessed with animals, I wanted to help portray how the owner views their beloved companion. Each pet has a special personality and including the flowers contributes to his/her beauty. Each portrait is created with love in every brush stroke.